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Featured Merch

Tasty Treats & Foraging Fun

Our treats are specially designed for the dietary needs of small pets.  Treats are a great way to help create a bond between you and your small pet, and foraging mixes are great options for enrichment. 

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Small Animal Specialties

It can be hard to find gifts for the small animal lover in your life, but we've curated a diverse collection of items to delight small mammal lovers of all ages. 

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Supply Savers

Our refillable food buckets will make it easy for you to provide for your pig's nutritional needs and reduce packaging waste.  Get more details in store. 

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Luxurious Liners

It's time to replace the paper and pine bedding of the past with our customized fleece liners.  The soft fabric feels great on a skinny pig's sensitive skin, and haired pigs will love the extra comfort too. 


One-of-a-Kind Offferings

Our crafting partners have produced some amazing handcrafted small animal based designs that you can't find anywhere else! Visit the store to see our goodies. 

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Guinealess Goodies

Sure, we're pig people, but we know all small pets need love too.  Come see our supplies for the other mini furries in your life and join our small pet community. 

Dwarf Rabbit
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