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The Piggy

Many small mammals come in the self-cleaning variety, but, every so often, their skin and fur can use a little t.l.c.  We currently provide services for guinea pigs, skinny pigs, rabbits and ferrets. See our services below. Connect with us for customized options. 

Nail Trim

If you want a break from wrestling your piggy,  rabbit, or ferret friend and tackling their petite cuticles, let us take the hassle out of the nail trim process.  Appointment or Call-Aheads preferred to ensure technician is on duty. $15 

nail clipper.jpg

Bath, Brush and Blow Dry

A fresh bath is perfect for a guinea pig or ferret from time to time.   Let us treat your pet to a special refreshing experience including a brush and blow dry.   Appointment Necessary. $40

Hair Cuts and Fur Trims

Even small mammals can have a bad hair day.   Whether tangles and mats have developed in your long haired friend or your pet has some build up in their rear area, let us snip away those troubled tresses.  Appointment Necessary. 

Guinea Pig $10-$25  Rabbit Cuts:  $35.

Green Scissors
Neon Lotion Containers

Bath and Conditioning

Skinny pigs' special skin can get dry or irritated.  A quick rinse and a moisturizing treatment can go a long way in making them feel their best.  Appointment Necessary.  $30

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